Our Services

Our Services

What We Do

We provide professional and innovative audio-visual solutions in multimedia.

Film & Television

We offer fully-fledged production services, film agent services, and film and TV consultancy, both in Kenya and internationally, and create impactful, award-winning films and television series.


We carefully collect and craft human interest stories that creatively see into, and speak to, the African soul.


We create compelling commercials and adverts for brands and agencies that resonate with their intended target audiences.


We offer professional photography services for brands and events, allowing you to be seen in your best light.

Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

At the cutting edge of technological development, we innovate the use of new media to create interactive, immersive, and impressive experiences.

Event Curation

We combine our talents in video and audio creation with a passion for live installation storytelling to create experiences that educate, enthrall, and inspire.

Client Image Films (Corporate & Events)

Commissioned by our clients, we tell their stories to show them to the world as they are.