Usoni State of the Art


Usoni State of the Art


State of the ARt is a joint initiative between the Goethe-Institut and BlackRhino VR setting out new and inspiring uses of immersive technologies in the creation, experience and sharing of digital art. In this new series we are hosting five dynamic artists who are laureates of a Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality training program promoted by the BlackRhino VR.

In this second installment of State of the ARt, the organizing thought for the installation is the swahili word ‘USONI.’ ‘USONI’ has a double meaning, on one hand it is “on the face” on the other it is “the future” – the VR headset acts as a gateway into the imaginary – would be – worlds, that captures the true essence of the artist’s creativity. This exhibition constitutes a catalogue of five intriguing imaginaries ranging from; summoning a lost Goddess from legend, recreating five looted artifacts of significant cultural value in Kenya, to a creation of an underwater city of Nairobi along with other coming to self stories. Looking to inspire the reimagination of cultural heritage through the interplay of new narratives, and the use of immersive technology.

The five outstanding artists showcasing their digital works participated in one on one mentorship sessions, soft skills training as well as intense debates looking to help refine ideas into these diverse works.

It has been our joy to work with these five dynamic artists, to validate creative curiosities, learn new technologies, explore these visions in new mediums, and to bring this exhibition to life. We have also enjoyed the support of our technical partners and project sponsors who made these technologies accessible to us, the artists and to our audiences.

We are happy for the opportunity to make a modest contribution to the use and adoption of digital media in creative expression in our city and on this continent.

Go forth, Imagine, Inspire, Immerse & Interact!